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Monday, November 17, 2008

Holiday cheer

This Sunday's Comics Fan is my annual comic book gift guide. After I handed it in, I l came across the Wireless catalog, which has a few cool comic-book related items. Such as: a Wonder Woman limited edition figure, part of a series commemorating the first appearances of classic DC characters; the "DC Vault," packed with "top-quality reproduction memorabilia" (I had written about the "Marvel Vault" last year, but now there's the DC version, too); and "Batman: Murder at Wayne Mansion," a book that's apparently a murder mystery that the reader can solve with the help of maps, new clippings, forensic samples and other clues. Check them all out at www.thewirelesscatalog.com.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great site! I think the "Inigo Montoya" shirt is going on my Christmas List this year.

Lots of cool stuff.

Comic Guy2

4:40 PM


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