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Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Marvel biz

I start my day reading the business wire (hey, it's my job) and found this of interest to comics fans this morning from The Associated Press:

Strong box office revenue for film 'Iron Man' helped boost Marvel Entertainment Inc.'s third-quarter earnings by 39 percent, and the licensing and comic-book publishing company on Tuesday also raised its 2008 forecast.
But 2009 will prove a different picture.
Marvel expects only "modest" performance next year, partly due to "Iron Man: revenue shifting to 2008 and no 2009 summer feature films slated for release. It also cited less expected Spider-Man-related revenue and the slowing economy's effect on the retailers who sell its character-driven merchandise.

(And this factoid, for those of us who like to read our comics, not just see them up on the big screen:)

Publishing sales slipped 3 percent to $34 million, as lower trade paperback sales and custom publishing weren't totally offset by higher sales of traditional comics.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Perhaps the 3% drop is just the accounting department at Marvel saying "The Books" needed to be darker, more gritty with more edge to them. The money guys should be able to appreciate that, right? ;-)

Maybe the next Wolverine just needs more cowbell!

I suspect the downturn in the economy will have everyone trying to find a better bottom line.

Comic Guy2

3:30 PM

Blogger Bill Radford said...

Comics going to $3.99 an issue isn't going to help.

8:42 AM


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