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Thursday, November 20, 2008

This and that

Haven't gotten to the comic book store this week; I'm laid up for a few days after surgery (which I'll be writing about in the Life section.) So to occupy the hours, I've been grabbing graphic novels off the bookshelf pretty much at random to re-read. So far this week, my reading has included Frank Miller's "The Dark Knight Strikes Again" (I'll never be able to get over the treatment of poor Dick Grayson); "Planetary: The Fourth Man" (loved that series); and the first hardcover collection of Alan Moore's "Top 10" (a wonderful "Hill Street Blues" meets a totally superpowered world vibe.)

Did you catch "Heroes" on Monday night? It had a scene at a comic book shop called Sam's Comics, no doubt named for axed producer Jeph Loeb's late son, Sam. And a cute line by Hiro about all the changes in comic books lately: Captain America's dead! Hulk's red!


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