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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Faith and comics

I’ve been contemplating the subject of religion in comic books lately. The scene in DC’s “Infinite Crisis” where a bunch of heroes gather in a church to mourn the dead and missing got me thinking about it. (Who knew that Mr. Terrific was an atheist?) Then there are two new series from Vertigo, “American Virgin” and “Testament,” in which religion plays a crucial role. And I’ve been reading “The Gospel According to Superheroes,” a book that explores superhero comics through a theological prism. “While the characters themselves might not always speak outwardly about religion and the Gospel, their storylines make implicit, and sometimes explicit, points about theology,” editor B.J. Oropeza writes in his introduction. Anyway, I think there’s a story in all this; I just don’t know what yet. Anyone have any thoughts to share?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hope you don't mind me mentioning my own webcomics which attempt to explore this area. It's a vast area, for sure.

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