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Thursday, March 16, 2006

A new team on Marvel's "Iron Man"

Anybody out there an Iron Man fan? I confess, I haven’t picked up a copy of the series in a long time. But I dutifully sat at my phone today for a Marvel teleconference with the comics press that spotlighted the new “Iron Man” writers: Daniel Knauf, creator of HBO’s “Carnivale,” and his son, Charlie. Their stint begins with issue No. 7, in April. I guess Tony Stark no longer just wears the armor of Iron Man, but has become kind of a biomechanical unit with his suit. The Knaufs, though, say they’re keeping their focus on the man — a guy who is inherently flawed yet trying to achieve a degree of perfection, as Daniel Knauf puts it. Even though Iron Man plays a key role in Marvel’s upcoming big event, “Civil War,” don’t look for his series to tie into the war for a while. The Knaufs started plotting their first arc back when “Civil War” was just a twinkle in Marvel’s eye.


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