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Thursday, March 09, 2006

Mideast superheroes coming to the U.S.

I talked yesterday with an exec from AK Comics. It’s understandable if you haven’t heard of AK: It’s based in Cairo, Egypt, and proudly publishes adventures of the first home-grown Mideast superheroes. The comic are distributed in Egypt and elsewhere in the Middle East in Arabic and English versions. AK is now trying to make a name for itself in the U.S., too, and the company’s four series will be found in American comic-book shops starting in May. A batch of comics from AK is headed my way; it’ll be interesting to see how they match up with Marvel and DC and the like. An upcoming Comics Fan column will have more on AK.


Blogger Buddy said...

Hey Bill,
I really enjoy your columns on Sunday, I like this topic - I've been curious about how our comics are received overseas and in Latin America - I've noticed that many countries in Europe have produced their own comic works that appear on our shelves from time-to-time. Is this American medium catching on elsewhere?
On a related question - What is the differences between the Asian style Manga and the US books, who sells better? I tried reading a Manga books recently and lost interest after a few pages but younger readers seem to be enjoying it.

11:46 AM

Blogger Bill Radford said...

I'm not much of a manga fan either, but like you say, the younger readers like it. It's particularly big with girls. The guys behind AK Comics point to the success of manga as evidence that America's youth are interested in entertainment and perspectives from other lands.

2:14 PM

Blogger Economics 101 said...

Just wanted to say that the new AK Comics line is great - excellent new locations and plotlines - everyone should give them a try

8:54 PM


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