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Thursday, April 06, 2006

Death rocks the DC universe

(Warning: Read no further if you picked up “Infinite Crisis” No. 6 at your comic-book shop yesterday but haven’t read it yet.)

Break out the hankies. Twenty years after Supergirl was killed in “Crisis on Infinite Earths,” another member of the Superman family has died. This time, Superboy dies saving the universe in the sixth issue of DC’s “Infinite Crisis.” This death didn’t pack as much punch for me as the first. While I grew up reading Supergirl’s adventures, I never got that interested in the modern-day Superboy (who is, or was, NOT Superman as a boy but a clone derived partly from Superman’s DNA.) Still, it was an emotional moment.

Also out this week: The Teen Titans join DC’s jump one year ahead with issue No. 34. I liked it better than a lot of the One Year Later titles because instead of cryptic references to the missing year, there was a fair amount of explanation of what had transpired. And friends of the old “Superfriends” cartoon will get a big kick out of a couple of new characters aiding the Titans.


Blogger Laker7 said...

Conners death while tragic saves DC from having to defend itself from lawsuits now that the courts have ruled the the name "Superboy" belongs to Siegel family and not DC.


Robin's new costume is much better than his old one and the writers are giving him a new brooding personality more fitting to someone working with Batman. Losing your father, your girlfriend (Spoiler) and your best friend (Conner) will do that to you.


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