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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Time to get to the comic-book store

A few must-gets today at the comic-book store. Topping the list: “Fantastic Four” No. 536, which features the return of, if not Thor, at least Thor’s hammer. Dr. Doom is back, too; the book also is part of Marvel’s road to “Civil War,” its big event for the summer. Marvel, meanwhile, has released this image of the final cover of the subsequent issue, No. 537. Also out today: “New Avengers Illuminati,” also key to the upcoming “Civil War.” And DC continues to roll out its One Year Later event, jumping most of its titles ahead one year in time. “Green Lantern” and “Action Comics” are among the titles making the jump this week. A new “Blue Beetle” series also arrives in stores today.


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