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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Nightwing's reprieve meant Superboy's death

I talked briefly today to DC executive editor Dan DiDio for my story on Nightwing. As fans of the former Robin know, DiDio had planned to kill Nightwing in “Infinite Crisis.” It was primarily publisher Paul Levitz that put an end to that idea, DiDio told me. DiDio wanted a big death to shock readers of “Infinite Crisis,” but Levitz and others felt that was too big of a death, too much of a blow to the DC universe. So poor old Superboy got bumped off instead.

DiDio, by the way, said he is not the disembodied voice telling Nightwing in the latest issue of his title that he was supposed to have died in the crisis. “I can explain my whereabouts at all times,” he joked.


Anonymous coco67 said...

They didn't think the death of Kal-L Was big enough?!

5:25 PM


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