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Friday, November 10, 2006

Is a bouncing baby Luthor on the way?

Oliver “Green Arrow” Queen a junkie! Lana Lang pregnant! Lionel Luthor and Martha Kent, almost kissing!

It was a pretty good episode of “Smallville” last night. Green Arrow got hooked on a drug that gave him instant-healing powers, a story line that I’m guessing was inspired by Green Arrow’s sidekick, Speedy, becoming a junkie back in the ‘70s in the comics. Or not.

There also was a nice, almost tender scene between Clark and Lana and a fine contrast at the end between the Kents’ warm and fuzzy Thanksgiving dinner and Lana and Lex sitting at opposite ends of a long table in the Luthor mansion.

I can’t see Lana getting an abortion, but I also don’t see her and Lex becoming parents. So if she really is pregnant, I’m guessing miscarriage down the line.


Anonymous Tim said...

I agree. This is as bad as the mid-80s Sleeve of Wizard plotline. Ack!

1:28 PM


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