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Friday, March 09, 2007

Archie's new look

I talked to Steven Butler yesterday. He’s the artist who created a new, more realistic look for Archie and the gang for a story that will be running in Archie Comics’ “Betty and Veronica Double Digest,” starting in May.

Archie Comics announced the new look way back in December, and the response has not been kind. “Horrible new look for Archie,” one Web site trumpets. Those who thought they were seeing the last of the old Archie should relax, though. The new look is just for one serialized story. While it could show up elsewhere in the future, there are no plans to replace the standard Archie style set 40 years ago by Dan DeCarlo.

Butler seems to be taking all the attacks in stride. “I look at the negativity as something that spurs me on to do even better work to prove to them that I’m not just hacking this stuff out, that I really care about what I’m doing,” he told me.

Look for more on the new look in, yep, a future Comics Fan column.


Blogger Beverly said...

I enjoy reading Archie comics. Some of the stories are a real 'hoot'. The new look, is a mixed bag. It is more of a soap opera then a book just for fun. The old gang, I would enjoy hanging around with,but this new one I would not. I work with youth that are sent by the courts to rethink how they want to live their lives. Veroncia and Nick would fit right with my kids. Betty and Midge are on the slippery slope if they hang around with V&N.
One nice thing that I see in the comic, is the use of the period at the end of a sentence. I am reading the new B&V. It is a little like a bird watching a snake. However,I love the old Archie.

8:35 PM


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