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Thursday, December 27, 2007

Just a few bests

I'm back from a short Christmas break; my holiday gifts included Superman night wear (OK, pajamas) and a Spider-Man poster book. I worked a bit today on a story about Marvel’s plans for 2008, which had me reflecting on 2007. I won’t bother with a big “best of” list, but a few gems that leap instantly to mind include:

The Sinestro Corps War. “Green Lantern” writer Geoff Johns assembled a truly astounding roster of bad guys for Hal Jordan and his comrades to face. The whole epic had a great, summer blockbuster action feel and will shape Green Lantern for the years to come. I also applaud Johns for his work on “Justice Society of America” and “Booster Gold.” I never cared about the character of Booster until now.

A close No. 2 in the summer blockbuster category: “World War Hulk.” The ending was a bit lame - the Hulk nearly cracking open the Earth by stamping his feet? — but I couldn’t wait for each issue.

Ed Brubaker on “Captain America.” Captain America killed! Yawn. After all, we’ve seen the deaths of Superman, Green Arrow, Green Lantern and on and on. But Brubaker has continued to keep us guessing — and to write a compelling, character-driven series minus the title character.


Anonymous Comic Guy2 said...

Superman PJ's rock and you weren't the only guy who got some this year.

Now I just need to resist the urge to wear them outside when I leave the house. ;-)

9:51 AM


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