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Thursday, January 17, 2008

News on the small screen and big

Good news for “Smallville” fans. According to the latest TV Guide (the sci-fi issue), there are are six new episodes left before the drought caused by the writers’ strike. New episodes begin Jan. 31. I must have missed an episode, because the article refers to a previous episode with the Bizarro Clark pretending to be the real Clark. Which I wouldn’t have wanted to see anyway, because I’m sick of the episodes where a character has a double or is bewitched or under the influence of red K or whatever.

Bad news for “Justice League” fans. Variety reports that the big-screen “Justice League” is on indefinite hold. Warner Bros. studio had set Tuesday as its greenlight deadline for the movie.


Anonymous comic guy2 said...

You didn't miss much of the bizarro because there wasn't much there.

It was a quick flash when bizarro clark flew out into the sunlight.

I am not a big fan of that story line either but I am looking forward to the new episodes.

10:59 AM


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