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Monday, December 31, 2007

OMD: More fallout

“One More Day” is being ripped this way and that way on the Internet today. Fans are NOT happy, at least not the ones bothering to post their opinions online. One aspect I hadn’t initially considered that fans are irate about is that Peter Parker made a deal with the devil. The devil! And why? Not to save his aged aunt as much as to ease his conscience over Aunt May being shot because of him.

Other fans are as confused by this reboot as I am. How can the rest of the Marvel U not be messed up by the ripples from this? It’s not just that Peter and MJ never married. Harry’s alive, Peter never unmasked in front of a global TV audience, Aunt May doesn’t know his secret anymore. ... Why not junk the whole Marvel Universe and move everything to the Ultimate line if they want a new, younger Marvel U?

Check out Newsarama for a reader poll and Comic Book Resources for an indepth, multi-part interview with Marvel editor-in-chief Joe Quesada.


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