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Friday, March 14, 2008

Pete Ross returns to "Smallville"

It was nice to see Pete Ross (Sam Jones III) back for an episode of “Smallville” last night, even if he was a bit whiney. (Blame the kryptonite gum.) Clark, with his dad gone, Lex transformed from friend to foe and Green Arrow away doing whatever he does, needs all the chances he can get for some male-bonding.

For us long-time comics fan, it was fun to have Pete develop elastic powers. In the comics, of course, it was Superman’s pal Jimmy Olsen that had such powers for a time.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

It was cool to see "Pete" again and see the reforming of the chemistry they all had when he was a regular on the show.

Was it just me or did the show seem like a long GUM commercial with some Smallville thrown in to break up the monotony?

So now Kara is going to play the role of "girl who chooses evil Lex over Clark because Clark is keeping secrets"?

Is that plot device ever going to get worn out or ever going to get thrown out?

Comic Guy2

2:45 PM

Blogger Bill Radford said...

Yes, it WAS a rather long gum commercial. And yes, it does look like Kara will be the latest to go to the dark side since Clark's not smart enough to confide in her.

8:28 AM


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