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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

"Batman Gotham Knight"

I talked today with Alan Burnett, who has been working on Batman in various animated incarnations since 1991 - or even longer, if you count "Super Friends." His latest project is "Batman Gotham Knight," an animated adventure coming out on DVD next month. It features six interlocking stories illustrated by Japanese animators, so expect a new look for Gotham City and the Dark Knight. Burnett was story editor and also wrote the last chapter, which features Deadshot. It was an opportunity Burnett relished.

"One villain you could never put on Saturday morning or in children's programs was Deadshot, because this guy is an assassin who uses bullets," he explained. "We thought since we're going after a little older audience here that we could finally be able to use Deadshot."

I'll have more on "Gotham Knight" in a future Comics Fan.


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