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Thursday, March 15, 2007

Iron Man makes a confession

“Civil War: The Confession,” out this week, offers a somber postscript to Marvel’s big event. The confession is made by Iron Man, who was pretty much made out to be the bad guy in “Civil War” but whose motivations were further explored in “Civil War: Front Lines” and now in this book.

Anyway, the last scene is pretty heart-wrenching and the reader starts to feel for Tony “Iron Man” Stark. Except that I still don’t buy that he would bring the worst of Marvel’s villains into the effort to go after his fellow superheroes. Or that he would push Peter Parker into publicly unmasking as Spider-Man; even if Spidey hadn’t later switched sides, the unmasking still made him and his loved ones an incredibly easy target by bad guys. Or that if Tony feared a war was brewing between the heroes that his answer was to ... start a war!


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